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This is more of a quick reference book than anything else. I am new to the whole world of philosophy so I'm not sure how accurate the examples are, but it totally made sense. This book isn't one you'd sit down and read. It's more of a book you break out when you need to look up what type of fallacy something is. If that makes sense. Sep 03, Eureca Umboh rated it it was amazing.

I love how it is written in nice structure: definition, why it happens, and examples.

Jan 06, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction , read This is a very nice low cost offering from the Kindle store, it is still only 99 cents. One of the reviewers on Amazon mentioned that it is available as a free PDF as well. While there is nothing startling in this e-book, it is a nice primer if you enjoy engaging in lively discussion on issue from the minor to the important.

It will help you examine your own beliefs to avoid committing the very same fallacious thinking. It may even help you prepare for the coming onslaught of wild claims during This is a very nice low cost offering from the Kindle store, it is still only 99 cents. It may even help you prepare for the coming onslaught of wild claims during the political season.

Feb 11, Niki rated it it was amazing. Ever have a conversation or an argument with someone and find yourself starting to become convinced, but have this nagging feeling that something's not quite right about their rationale? Chances are someone's employing one of the 42 logical fallacies explained in this book.

It might be you! Anyone who talks to other humans and cares about the truth should read this book at least once, and then go back and skim it as a refresher every year or so. Dec 28, Bo Jeanes rated it really liked it. Fantastic content that everyone should be familiar with whether through this book or other sources. Each fallacy was presented in exactly the same format which made it quite easy to digest and compare them. It can get a bit boring as each chapter felt like a template, but the book is short enough that it is never really a problem. I look forward to reading "20 More Fallacies" by the same author.

A great reference guide for common logical fallacies. Sure, you can easily find all of these on wikipedia, but you can't pad your goodreads book count with that!

Fun with Logical Fallacies

Also, I sincerely hope that the number of fallacies presented is a nod to The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fans. Apr 16, Miguel rated it really liked it. This book is an informative and readable rundown of 42 common logical fallacies ranging from ad hominem to strawman to two wrongs make a right. The fallacies are explained in detail and examples are provided. A quick read that's fantastic for philosophy students or those simply trying to gain an edge in an argument.

31 logical fallacies in 8 minutes

Jan 18, Athens rated it it was ok. This book is a compilation, not something that you could really say has an author. It is a collection and rephrasing of what has been built up over many generations. The book is not "bad", it is just not particularly new in any way that stands out as positive. Jul 01, Michael Foley rated it really liked it. This is a good book to remind yourself of the dirty tricks people use to present their point of view. It may even help you knock down your own internal arguments don't lie, we all argue with ourselves and make you take notice of what is a valid point and what is not.

May 19, Ben rated it it was amazing. Although I have finished reading this wonderful book, I still keep it on hand when debating others. It is an incredibly useful tool for pointing out the fallacious arguments of others and also a guide for avoiding them yourself. Jan 16, Mounir rated it it was ok. Nice informative book, though as far as I understood, there are some unnecessary repetition of a number of Fallacies under different names. The examples given were in some instances not really appropriate to the Fallacy described. In my opinion, this book needs some revision.

Common fallacies

Aug 25, David Robertus rated it really liked it. Person 1: "More tax money should be used to build homeless shelters. The naturalistic fallacy is an attempt to draw a conclusion from a statement of fact. Like the non sequitur, the naturalist fallacy often skips a necessary premise. You should take it" While the book may indeed be free, is that a good enough reason to take a book you know nothing about and may not need? This fallacy is, perhaps, one of the most incorrectly understood. Begging the question is when the premise of an argument assumes a conclusion of its own in order to justify the final conclusion.

Did the speaker check them all? While this concern is not in and of itself wrong, it cannot be used to simply dismiss any and all objections. This fallacy attempts to disprove an argument by attacking the character of the speaker. He's part of the upper echelon of America. Dogs are good pets.

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Coyotes are dogs. Therefore, coyotes are good pets. Divorce is rampant in America. We only stand a 50 percent chance of survival. Therefore, we can't get married. That face cream can't be good. Kim Kardashian is selling it. Don't listen to Dave's argument on gun control. He's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Everyone on campus is wearing Air Jordans.

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I need to buy those sneakers. All my friends are doing a low carb diet. That must be the only way to lose weight. People who eat oatmeal have healthy hearts. Roosters crow before sunrise. Therefore, roosters cause the sun to rise.

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Right when I sneezed, the power went off. I must've caused the outage.

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