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The Engineer: Collaborate to Innovate | EPSRC | Balanced Energy Networks Collaborate to Innovate: Award Winner a tiny academic research group working with an equally tiny university spin-out, Createc with RACE (Remote Applications in Challenging Environments) a business unit of UKAEA, RED Engineering.

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Isbister v. Boys' Club of Santa Cruz, Inc. (1985)

The Federated Boys Clubs in Boston was formed with 53 member organizations — this marked the start of a nationwide Movement and our national organization. In , Boys Clubs of America celebrated its 50th anniversary and received a U.

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Congressional Charter. Accordingly, Congress amended and renewed our charter. You can make a life-changing difference today!

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Tour a Club. According to BGCA youth outcome data.

Our Mission To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Women have long constituted roughly half of the U.

Getting Access to the Old Boys’ Club (how to approach a VC)

Catalyst research points the way to closing that gap. The club is alive and well because it works. In elite circles, decisions are made behind closed doors. Certain candidates bypass others because of close connections with advocates. Rather, it divides those who are sponsored from those who are not. People in influential positions become sponsors when they see terrific work and potential from an employee. They defend them from backstabbers and risk their own reputations for them.

Sponsorship seems to be the key to closing the leadership gender gap.

At risk: Sexual abuse and Boys & Girls Clubs -

Women gain sponsors most effectively by promoting their own accomplishments, as Catalyst research has shown: Women who highlighted their achievements advanced further, were more satisfied with their careers, and had greater compensation growth than women who failed to blow their own horns. Indeed, that strategy—of apprising your manager of your accomplishments, seeking feedback and credit appropriately, and asking for well-deserved promotions—was the only one associated with compensation growth.

Unfortunately, self-promotion is often considered unladylike, and women who negotiate on their own behalf are penalized.