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Brand Our story. Your cart is empty. Select Your Material Yellow Gold. Available in 4 Materials. Yellow Gold. As with her first album, Taylor Swift , Swift wrote or co-wrote all thirteen tracks on Fearless. Most of the songs were written as the singer promoted her first album as the opening act for numerous country artists. Due to the unavailability of collaborators on the road, eight songs were written by Swift. Swift also made her debut as a record producer , co-producing all songs on the album with Nathan Chapman.

Five singles were released from Fearless. The first single, " Love Story ", sold more than 8. The succeeding single, " White Horse ", also performed well in the US.

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Fearless was an international breakthrough and huge commercial success for Swift. It debuted at No.

It gave Swift, 18 at the time, the distinction of being the youngest artist in history to have the year's best-selling album. As of July , the album has sold 7. In all, Fearless has sold more than 9. Winning Album of the Year at age 20, Swift became the youngest artist in the history of the Grammy Awards to win the award. She would later win her second Album of the Year six years later. When later signed to Big Machine Records , Swift compiled her Taylor Swift album of material written during her publishing contract, and expected to do the same for her second album.

She said, "I've been very selfish about my songs. I had this dream of this project [ Taylor Swift ] coming out for so many years now that I just stockpiled. I'm so happy that I did because now we have a second album full of songs and a third album full of songs, and I don't have to lift a finger.

I'll find a quiet place in some room at the venue, like the locker room. As a result of writing subsequent to touring, Swift self-penned most of the material. If you're in Arkansas , who's there to write with? In the writing process, she was heavily influenced by Sheryl Crow 's candidness and truthful, yet vulnerable storytelling, and Brad Paisley 's touching, yet humorous nature; she opened for Paisley.


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Primarily, she did not want to alienate her fans with songs about life on the road, for she could never relate to songs of the sort when younger. She continued, "I really try to write more about what I feel and guys and love because that's what fascinates me more than anything else — love and what it does to us and how we treat people and how they treat us.

So pretty much every song on the album has a face that I associate with it.

Adding it did not "take much [for her] to get that sort of emotion out in a song", [13] she explained physical intimacy did not have to resort to kissing to feel disappointment, frustration, or heartbreak. Having grouped over 75 songs, [7] recording with Nathan Chapman , who produced all but one song on Taylor Swift , [14] commenced soon after having completed touring with Strait; [15] in the process, Swift made her record producing debut. Sound-wise, it's the kind of songs I like to write, which are country songs, but I guess because of the subject matter and because of some of the melodies I love to use, I guess they have crossover appeal.

Swift conceived the title track with Rose and songwriter Hillary Lindsey while touring. It is based on an instrumentation with acoustic guitar , fiddle , and banjo [19] and lyrically speaks of taking courage during a date. Feeling inspired by William Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet , one her favorite narratives, she self-penned the entire track on her bedroom floor in approximately twenty minutes. The singer then made a phone call to Rose asking for her aid in continuing the song, which was completed in approximately forty-five minutes.

Out of the sympathy she felt towards him, Swift developed a concept for a song, and later developed the story line in which she was in love with him. In the ballad " Breathe ", the accompaniment consists entirely of string instruments , [29] and Swift singing in regards to love-gone-wrong scenario. The two arranged a writing session to coincide with Caillat's upcoming concert in Nashville, Tennessee , [21] where they composed "Breathe" about Swift losing a friend very dear to her.

Raged by his disparaging and inconsistent behavior towards her, [21] she stormed into Rose's house, and vented about the scenario. She described how she grew tired of his attitude and the discrepancies between his sayings and actions, among other concerns. They consequently put all her ramblings into "Tell Me Why". He was able to relate to the plot, being that he is usually the complicated person in relationships.

The two approached the song from two different angles while writing it, which she described to be incredible. It is an understated ballad, and the only song on Fearless to be written in simple verse form. The song was inspired by an incident during middle school, when Swift called several of her peers on the phone and asked if they wanted to go shopping with her. However, every girl had a different excuse for why they couldn't go. Eventually, Swift's mother agreed to take her to the local mall.

When they arrived, Swift saw all of the girls she had called on the phone, goofing around in Victoria's Secret. After reassuring to herself that it would be different in the future, she wrote the beginning of "Change". After completing the album's first track, Swift reconsidered her personal definition of the word "fearless". It means that you have a lot of fears, but you jump anyway.

Finding a fearless element to the themes and messages behind the songs, Swift decided to title the album Fearless. This album is called Fearless , and I guess I'd like to clarify why we chose that as the title. To me, Fearless is not the absence of fear. It's not being completely unafraid. To me, Fearless is having fears, Fearless is having doubts.

Lots of them. To me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death.

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Fearless is falling madly in love again, even though you've been hurt before. Fearless is walking into your freshman year of high school at fifteen. Fearless is getting back up and fighting for what you want over and over again It's Fearless to have faith that someday things will change. Fearless is having the courage to say goodbye to someone who only hurts you, even though you can't breathe without them.

I think it's Fearless to fall for your best friend, even though he's in love with someone else. And when someone apologizes to you enough times for things they'll never stop doing, I think it's Fearless to stop believing them. It's Fearless to say "you're NOT sorry". I think loving someone despite what people think is Fearless. I think allowing yourself to cry on the bathroom floor is Fearless.

Letting go is Fearless. Then, moving on and being alright That's Fearless too. But no matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in it. You have to believe in love stories and prince charmings and happily ever after. That's why I write these songs. Because I think love is Fearless.

As with her debut album, Taylor Swift , Swift was very involved with the album packaging. The album was then re-released on February 27, , in Australia as a limited edition with bonus tracks originally from Taylor Swift and a new artwork. An international edition was released March 2, , in Spain, and numerous countries followed in the consequent weeks. Swift had already started composing songs for her next album, what would become Speak Now , but had also written songs she believed did not correspond with her scope of the record.

She included them in a re-release for Fearless. Swift altered the song both musically and lyrically, and reworking the arrangement and switching the verses while maintaining the refrains similar. Titled Fearless Platinum Edition , the re-release was announced on September 10, with a release date of October 27, To promote the album Swift released four promotional singles , advertised as "Countdown to Fearless ".

The first promotional single released was " Change " on August 8, The fourth and final song used to promote the album, " You Belong with Me ", was released on November 4, Two of the performances would later be released on the Target exclusive version of Fearless Platinum Edition. The song was highly acclaimed by music critics who complimented Swift's writing style and the song's plot.

It is Swift's best-selling single to date, pushing over 6. It garnered generally positive reception with critics commenting that Swift was able to make its message palpable [33] and selecting it among the best tracks on Fearless. Critical reception for the song was mixed, ranging from "every single Taylor Swift hit sounds the same" [69] to naming it one of her best songs. The incident caused tumult in the media, with many coming to Swift's defense. It was praised by numerous critics for its vulnerability and accurate portrayal of a real teenager.

It features Swift walking through a garden, where she relives many memories with her friend. The song generally pleased contemporary critics, many who complimented it for appealing to different age groups. It ran until July 10, and had four legs and shows in four countries. Sales for the tour began in February and tickets for several tour dates and venues were sold out in a record of less than one minute.

Fearless received positive reviews from critics, earning a collective score of 73 out of on Metacritic based on 14 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews". He added that Swift presented herself as a "big sister instead of a big star", pointing "Fifteen" as a prime example of it. Though they're written by a teenager, Swift's songs have broad appeal, and therein lies the genius and accessibility in her second effort. But aside from sharing, possibly, a box of Clairol , there is nothing remotely Britney - or Christina -esque about Swift.

Alexis Petridis of the British newspaper The Guardian had mixed opinions about the album; he thought it was certainly "bland and uninventive", yet executed incredibly well. Over the course of listening to it, he queried if more music of the sort was needed, and concluded that "the feeling that the world is going to answer your query in the affirmative swiftly overwhelms you.

Luke and Max Martin. However, Keefe was disappointed in the album, for it did not showcase significant refinements as she did on Taylor Swift ; but, with an immature voice and young age, to him, Swift still had enough time to perfect her craft and make a great album. He also felt Swift was a talented songwriter, but her consistency sometimes fell into uniformity. Six years later at the 58th Grammy Awards , Swift won Album Of The Year again for , becoming the first woman to win the award twice for her own work. On the week ending November 29, , Fearless debuted at number one on the US Billboard with over , copies sold in its first week — the largest sum for a country album since the Eagles ' Long Road out of Eden sold over , copies in a single week in November It went on to sell over 3,, copies in the year, becoming 's best-selling album in the US.

Thus, Swift, at the age of 20, became the youngest artist to have the year's best-selling album and the only female country artist to have one as well. The week ending January 30, , was its 52nd week on the top ten of the Billboard , making Fearless one of 18 albums to remain on the top ten for a year or more, and the only one from the s.

In Canada, Fearless entered at number one on the albums chart with sales of over 27, copies on the week ending November 29, In Australia, it debuted at number 50 on the week ending November 30, and dropped from the chart in the succeeding week. On the week ending January 25, , it re-entered the Australian Albums Chart at number 42, and, nine weeks later, on the week ending April 26, , peaked at number two.

The album sold over , copies throughout Asia as of February All tracks written by Taylor Swift , except where noted. If you do that, it will confuse me and mess up your entries. All entries usually about 10, from the entry forms are downloaded by the Admin and divided into 3 groups of images. Your images will be divided equally and randomly into 3 groups.

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