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This book represents a bold attempt to address contemporary issues in both metaphor and psychotherapy research. On the other hand, while a growing number of mental health professionals believe that metaphors contribute in some way to the psychotherapy process, their ability and willingness to use metaphors might be compromised by a relative unfamiliarity with the various nuanced aspects of metaphor theory.

The present analysis of metaphors in authentic psychotherapeutic talk brings these theoretical aspects to the forefront, and suggests how they can be applied to enhance the use of communication of metaphors in psychotherapy. It should be of interest to metaphor researchers, mental health professionals, and discourse analysts in general. Introduction: A metaphor renaissance.

Metaphor in Practice

Tay displays great expertise in both discourse analysis and psychotherapy, and his book is a fountain of knowledge and inspiration for readers whose research interests lie in metaphor, psychotherapy and discourse analysis in general. China , in Discourse Studies, Vol. Julia T. Criollo, Andrea B. Dynamic conceptualizations of threat in obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD.


Frontiers in Communication 4. Keeping metaphor in mind: training therapists in metaphor-enhanced cognitive behaviour therapy.

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Clean Language, Symbolic, Modeling and the Metaphor Therapy

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