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The Engineer: Collaborate to Innovate | EPSRC | Balanced Energy Networks Collaborate to Innovate: Award Winner a tiny academic research group working with an equally tiny university spin-out, Createc with RACE (Remote Applications in Challenging Environments) a business unit of UKAEA, RED Engineering.

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Spread-out oriented percolation and related models above the upper critical dimension: induction and superprocesses - Remco van der Hofstad.

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Published online April 27, Volume 3 - The dynamics of inner functions - C. Doering, R. Setti Published online June 3, Volume 12 - Dynamics and global geometry of manifolds without conjugate points - Rafael O.

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Ruggiero Published online March 9, A survey of Floer homology for manifolds with contact type boundary or symplectic homology - Alexandru Oancea Published online May 5, They are, in this sense, very similar to affine three-space. We study properties of the automophism groups of these threefolds, and also give some partial results on isomorphisms between such varieties.

This study allows us to determine some surprising results about automorphisms of Koras-Russell threefolds. This course of Riemann was written down in "Gabelsberger Stenographie" by Wilhem von Bezold, and came to the attention of the Berlin mathematicians in the 's.

Group Theory 5, Elementary Properties of Groups

The aim of this talk is to point out how Riemann had anticipated the ideas of L. Fuchs and H.

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Cremona transformations of the dimension 3 complex projective space may be factorized as a product of elementary links i. Let G be a reductive complex group and V a finite dimensional G -module. Associated to G there are various invariant objects: orbits, fibers of the quotient mapping, invariant polynomial functions, etc.

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We discuss some examples of characteristic objects with special attention to orbits which are characteristic. For many V it turns out that all nonzero orbits are characteristic. On a polarized compact symplectic manifold endowed with an action of a compact Lie group, in analogy with geometric invariant theory, one can define the space of invariant functions of degree k.

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A central statement in symplectic geometry, the quantization commutes with reduction hypothesis, is equivalent to saying that the dimension of these invariant functions depends polynomially on k. This statement was proved by Meinrenken and Sjamaar under positivity conditions. In this talk, I will explain the basic ideas of this proof, in which a prominent role is played by the theory of partition functions.